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Keystone Yoga, LLC



About Us

At Keystone Yoga we believe yoga is for everyone, no matter your experience or knowledge of yoga. We help you dissolve stress, calm your worries and find happiness within the physical body, while also building strength and flexibility. Our teachers each offer unique insights in their classes, based on their various teacher trainings. One thing they all have in common? It is their passion for sharing this practice that has transformed and changed their lives in profound ways. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but time to move inward to connect your body, mind and spirit. Whether you are looking to find calm amongst chaos, a good sweat or a deep rest we have something for you!

Are you new here? Take advantage of our new student special! 30 days of regularly scheduled classes for ONLY $49!
Located at 119 W. Windhorst Rd. Brandon FL 33510